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The Death of "Show Time"



So I’ve finally decided to take Show Time off the App Store. I in all honesty haven’t been paying much attention to it. I checked the sales of it recently to see how it was going and it’s been bringing me about $50 give or take each month. So no big deal to kill it but sad to see it go.

So why am I killing it? Because it’s broken. iOS5 caused it to not load clock colors and choosing your ambient noise crashes the App and boots you out. I read a couple reviews about it, tested it, and I’m reluctantly pulling it because it is both making me look really bad and also that’s just bad karma to be selling a poor product. So while it’s my baby, it’s gotta die. Keeping the lite version though cause it’s free so… whatever! I’ll actually pull the lite version too when I finally release my upcoming game.

My upcoming game is coming along! This blog has taken a long back seat to my working on the game’s assets. I can’t wait to show it to the world but it’s still early in development. I’m very happy with the progress so far and the overall look. It’s going to be a big one. Hopefully have a first look coming here at the end of this month.


I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill it. I made it free.



Ok… It’s dead. After making it free, it got super popular. Tons of downloads because it was featured on all these “Now Free” App blogs. Tons of complaints. Actually, more like a shit ton. When I released the App originally, I got less general emails than when I switched it to free. All complaints about how shitty it was or why can’t I fix it. It’s free people. I’m sorry! It brought down my “brand” so I removed it completely. Regretfully. I will just have to make something better…