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If Flappy Birds made sweet, sweet love to Dark Souls you'd have: "Never Let Go"


I’ve been working on “Keynect” forever. Aside from the years I spent designing and trying to work with a developer to finish it, I’ve spent most nights after work since September ’13 working on it. I’m friggin’ burnt out on that game. I mean I love it, but we need some time apart.

So I decided to make a game I had an idea for that isn’t as risky. Something that would take only 1 month to complete (on the 2nd month now, but almost done) so I’m not feeling like FML if it goes down in flames as a horrible piece of crap that people can point and laugh at. It’s a quick projector the sake of making something fast and fun.

So here is “Never Let Go.” The strange birth child of my desire to merge a hardcore game with the most casual friendly game. The look, the sound, the music: all inviting. The game: super easy to pick up and play. The gameplay: brutally, unforgivingly, throw-your-phone-at-the-dog difficult.

It’s an endless runner that ends. My obsession for Dark Souls (1+2) made me put in the ability to retrieve your score at the point of your last death or lose it forever if you don’t make it that far. I’m tired of all these meaningless, free games with no depth. So I am attempting to add depth to a meaningless genre.

More media and info to come. Hopefully not much more, I want to release this ASAP.